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Praised for his “utmost commitment, and sensitivity to the composers’ diverse voices” by Fanfare Magazine, Brazilian violist Amaro Dubois has become known for his work in expanding and popularizing lesser-known repertoire for the viola through collaborative projects in Brazil and North America.  - Navona Records 


Amaro Dubois & Tingting Yao

Luz means light, and light is what violist Amaro Dubois claims we are missing the most in this world of today. Dubois aims to change this with his debut Navona Records release, LUZ, a collection of works highlighting the beauty of Latin American music for viola and piano. Joined by pianist Tingting Yao, the violist brings to life several newly-commissioned works, a beautiful collaboration between eight composers from five different countries. Above all, Dubois aims to share passion, love, and peace, three qualities that undoubtedly shine throughout LUZ.

Cantiga Featurette
Luz - Amaro Dubois

Cantiga Featurette

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- OUT  OCT. 20 - 

"My mission for this album is two-fold: to encourage musicianship through the beautiful and awe-inspiring music of these composers, and to increase diversity in classical music by programming new and often overlooked compositions for the viola repertoire. My hope is that these compositions inspire others within and beyond the viola community to become more aware of the opportunity we have as artists to increase representation of composers from under-represented racial, ethnic, cultural heritages, and gender backgrounds."



- OUT  NOW - 

Suite No. 1 in G Major, BWV 1007: I. Prelude (Arr. for Viola)

Suite No. 2 in D Major, BWV 1008: I. Prelude (Arr. for Viola)

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