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Who is Amaro?

Praised for his "utmost commitment, and sensitivity to the composers' diverse voices" (Fanfare Magazine). Brazilian violist Amaro Dubois has become known for his work expanding and popularizing lesser-known repertoire for the viola through collaborative projects in Brazil and North America. Recently, Amaro has also collaborated with orchestras such as the Paducah and Pensacola Symphony Orchestras as well as the Iris Orchestra in Germantown-Memphis, TN, where he was awarded their Fellowship position under the guidance of music director and conductor Michael Stern for the 19-21 seasons. Recent recordings include the complete Preludes of the Cello Suites by Bach for Breve Classics, a comparison of the different introduction for each of the suites. With his Dubois-Yao Duo partner pianist Tingting Yao, they create programs highlighting the art and music of underrepresented composers of African American and Latin American descent, as well as female composers. Dubois is passionate for sharing the love for the viola sound as well as for the gorgeous lyrical repertoire not often played; "what an enormous gift for lyricism” (Brian Nabors, Composer). 

- My mission is to share my gift and give voice to those compositions not yet well-represented on the viola repertoire. In their recent album Adoration -Music of The Americas, Dubois-Yao duo has been highlighted as “passionate and delicate as the music demands” (Textura Magazine), and their collaboration is praised for its “poetically focused performance” (Gapplegate Classical: Modern Music Blog).

Dubois is currently working on a solo album for viola, where diversity is even more vital. In this new album, he has commissioned eight new pieces for him to premier in The Voice of Viola, a beautiful collaboration between 8 composers from 5 different countries. This album will be a big shoutout to the living composers from minority heritage. “Inclusivity is not a marketing tool for Dubois. It is the passionate purpose of this Portuguese-Frenchman from Brazil living in Tennessee” (Judith Markovich, Composer).

Amaro has a rich and wide-range of teaching experience in viola instruction, violin instruction, and chamber coaching. He frequently teaches privately and runs masterclasses for the Shelby County Schools in Memphis TN, and is a faculty member at the Memphis Music Initiative, an organization with a mission to invest in youth through transformative music engagement, creating equitable opportunities for black and brown youth in Memphis. He also served as a professor and chamber coach for music festivals including Tennessee Valley Music Festival (2019). Amaro was also a Teaching Assistant during his studies at the University of Alabama.

In 2021, he was offered to complete his doctoral research at the University of Nevada and serve as teaching assistant. Recently, Dubois won first prize at the University of Georgia (UGA) ArtsLab competition and was offered the Presidential Award Fellowship for the seasons of 2022-2026 where he will be working on two brand new recording projects. He previously earned his Master of Music in Viola Performance from the University of Alabama with Dr. Jacob Adams, and his Bachelor of Music in Viola Performance with a specialty in Chamber Music from the Brazilian Conservatory of Music in Rio de Janeiro- Brazil. Additional mentors and principal professors include Michael Stern, Conductor and Music Director of the Kansas Symphony Orchestra; Kate Hamilton, Viola Professor at University of Nevada in Las Vegas.

Dubois has recently won several competitions in Europe such as World Classical Music Awards Gold Prize Winner, 1st place in Modern Music category, Chamber Music choice & professional age 26+, 2nd place at Kings Peak International Music Competition in 2021, Finalist 4th place in the professional Viola category at London Classical Music Competition in London, UK.

Amaro Dubois currently performs on an incredible viola (16” 7/8) made in 1870 by the renowned luthier Otto Erdesz, a Hungarian maker who trained in Israel, then later emigrated to Toronto in 1975.

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